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Replacing the EU6500is1C model, the EU7000isC generator delivers more of what Honda generator customers have come to expect from Honda: fuel efficiency, clean power output, quiet operation and longer running times in a portable package. Ideal for a host of residential and commercial applications, the Honda EU7000isC incorporates electronic fuel injection into its design which results in greater fuel efficiency and longer operating times than the model it replaces.

This high-output Honda generator offers the best in electrical power available today. The dual-voltage inverter configuration allows you to power up appliances and electrical devices that require 120 or 240 volts. With its durability, portability and compact design, this generator is designed to fit a variety of emergency, industrial and recreational situations. It is perfectly suited to provide backup power to your home during power outages or provide power to outdoor events, RV, cottage or job site (For non- GFCI applications).

The EU7000isC has a dry weight of 118.1 kg (260.4 lb). The new model also is equipped with a 19.2 litres gas tank and can operate for 6.6 hours per tankful of gas at rated load or an estimated 18 hours at ¼ load. The EU7000isC achieves a noise level of approximately 60 dB at rated load. Perhaps the most basic, yet important features of interest to consumers who are purchasing a generator are the amount and the quality of power produced by the unit. The new EU7000isC incorporates the Honda inverter technology, designed to power computers and sensitive electronic equipment that demand consistent electrical current with a stable sine wave or signal. Generators with this technology provide cleaner current to power electronic equipment in remote locations with less possibility of interrupted service or damage to the equipment.

Additional features:

• Convenient Electric Start with Push button Switch (battery included) and Recoil as back-up

• Wheel Kit Standard with Positive Lock Folding Handle

  • Electronic Fuel Injection (reduces maintenance associated with carburetors and fuel storage issues)
  • 7000 Watts (45.8/22.9 A) 120/240 VAC of Honda inverter power
  • Super Quiet - 60 dB(A)
  • Large capacity fuel tank, 19.2 litres
  • Eco-Throttle™ standard - Runs up to 12.1 hours at ½ load on 19.2 litres of fuel
  • Convenient Electric Start with Push button Switch (battery included) and Recoil as back-up
  • Wheel Kit Standard with Positive Lock Folding Handle
  • Uses: Perfect for a variety of tasks at home, work or outdoor events and for cottage or home backup power
  • Generator Type: Dual Inverter
  • Maximum AC Output (Watts): 7000
  • VAC Voltage Available: 120 / 240
  • Maximum Continuous AC Output (Watts): 5500
  • Max. Rated AC Amperage @ 120 V / 240 V: 45.8 / 22.9
  • Frequency (Hertz): 60
  • Voltage Regulation System: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Honda Engine: GX390T2
  • Type: OHV; 4-stroke; air-cooled
  • Displacement: 389 cc
  • Starting System: Electric / Recoil
  • Low Level Oil Alerttm System: Standard (LED Display)
  • Auto Throttle: Eco-Throttle™ Standard
  • Remote Start Capability: Optional
  • Remote Start Kit Part Number Info: TBA
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 19.2
  • Transport Wheels: 2-Wheel Kit Standard
  • Lifting Hook: Optional (P/N 06531-Z11-E00ZA)
  • Battery: Standard (P/N 31500-MCR-D02)
  • Approximate Running Time / Tankful (Hrs.): 6.6/18
  • Rated Fuel Consumption (L / Hour): 2.9
  • Noise Level dB(A) (1.5 m to 7 m): 60
  • Length - with Handles Folded: 848 mm (33.4 in.)
  • Length - with Handles: 1,198 mm (47.2 in.)
  • Width - without Handles and Wheels: 539 mm (21.2 in.)
  • Width - with Wheels: 700 mm (27.6 in.)
  • Height - without Lift-Hook: 721 mm (28.4 in.)
  • Height - with Lift-Hook: 821 mm (32.3 in.)
  • Dry Weight: 118.1 kg (260.4 lb) (including battery)
  • Cold Climate Technology: Yes
Warranty: As a testament to their quality and reliability, all Honda generators come with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 36 months for commercial use. Value does not include freight, pdi and applicable taxes.



Engine Type
GX390T2 OHV; 4-stroke; air-cooled
389 cc


848 mm (33.4 in.)
539 mm (21.2 in.)
721 mm (28.4 in.)
118.1 kg (260.4 lb.)


AC Output
Fuel Tank Capacity
19.2 L
Noise Level
60 dB(A)
Run Time
6.6/18 hrs.


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